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Click2Cloud Visual Studio Extension for Red Hat OpenShift

What is OpenShift 2.0?

OpenShift 2 is a Red Hat’s open source, auto scaling, Platform as a Service (PaaS). It is based on an architecture that involves; Linux Broker, Linux Node and Windows Node. It uses gears and cartridges to create applications and supports one-click deployment for various applications based on frameworks as; rails, JavaEE, Django etc… and languages like; Java, PHP, ruby etc.

OpenShift 2 is open source and extensible, so using the origin version of OpenShift 2,  you can create your own PaaS on your hardware.


How to run Windows in Red Hat Linux/OpenShift 2 environment?

There are two ways to do that;

  1. Install and extend the OpenShift 2 solution to run Microsoft based Application. Like what Uhuru tried to achieve in the past. The project was later taken over by Click2Cloud Inc. and made successful. You can download the latest code from Git and customize it for your needs;


  1. Simply use Click2Cloud’s Enterprise Ready ‘OpenShift.NET Development Tool Kit


Click2Cloud's OpenShift 2 .Net Architecture

Click2Cloud OpenShift 2 Architecture.jpg


Click2Cloud’s OpenShift.NET Development Kit,  helps you set up the OpenShift environment, having; Linux Broker, Linux Node and Windows Node. The Windows Node Installer (packaged in OpenShift.NET Development Kit) allows you to install Windows Node on Linux environment of Red Hat OpenShift 2 PaaS. It is also supplied with .NET and MS SQL Cartridges to create, manage and run .NET applications in Linux environment.

Installing Red Hat OpenShift Environment using Click2Cloud Auto Script - Install Win Node - Screen 1

If this news has excited you, then wait, there is some more to it. Click2Cloud’s OpenShift.NET Development Tool Kit has a Dev-Ops Extension; Visual Studio 2012+ Dev-Ops Extension. This extension allows you to connect to your OpenShift 2 environment from your Microsoft Visual Studio IDE and helps you create, manage and deploy .Net application to OpenShift 2 Cloud.

Launch Visual Studio 2012 Plugin

Launch Visual Studio 2012 Plugin - Enter OpenShift 2 Login Details

Developers don’t need to leave their IDE, which saves substantial time and energy. Also, the code can be stored on the local machine and debugged before publishing to staging and production environment, which is helpful for developers.


With this OpenShift.NET Development Tool Kit, Enterprise can create their own OpenShift 2 Cloud within their premise and also on Microsoft Azure, AWS and all the other IaaS platforms.

The OpenShift.NET Development Tool Kit comes with various cartridges for OpenShift 2 and plugin. The cartridges provide the runtime environment to build and run the applications.

So go ahead and download this solutions from Microsoft Visual Studio Gallery or Click2Cloud Products section. You can also refer our OpenShift Videos and training material available on our blogs.

If you face any issue, please feel free to contact us @ or ring at +1 425 749 7495. We have a dedicated support team ready to help you.

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