Click2Cloud OpenShift Extension for Visual Studio IDE integration with Alibaba Cloud Services


Click2Cloud OpenShift Toolkit for Visual Studio is an application platform that allows users to build, test, deploy, and run their applications with automatic scaling. It provides a fully-fledged environment for development project and aligns with the standard workflows within Visual Studio.

Click2Cloud OpenShift Toolkit for Visual Studio is developed mainly for .NET Developers to support the application lifecycle and seamless deployment in Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE).


What is OpenShift?

OpenShift is a container-based software used for deployment and management. which is a supported distribution of Kubernetes using Docker containers and DevOps tools for accelerated application development.

OpenShift leverages the Kubernetes concept of a pod, which is one or more containers deployed together on one host, and the smallest compute unit that can be defined, deployed, and managed.


Enabling Click2Cloud PaaS on Alibaba Cloud Services.


You should have the Alibaba Cloud access to create an ECS instance.

The firewall ports given below should be open from security groups (Intranet/Internet Inbound) to access the Click2Cloud CaaS Server Web Console.

  • 8443
  • 53
  • 80
  • 443

Create ECS Instance using Click2Cloud Image

1. Login to Alibaba Cloud


2. Select Elastic Compute Services and Click on Create Instance.


3. Choose; pricing model, region, instance type, network type, network bandwidth, etc. Recommended                 configuration for the image Choose the Operating System from Marketplace and search for Click2Cloud CaaS          Image.


4. Create instance once it gets in running state, you can login to the instance using public or private ip.



Login to Click2Cloud PaaS Using OpenShift Visual Studio Plugin

1. Login the instance with help of Click2Cloud OpenShift Toolkit for Visual Studio Plugin to get the information       on terminal.


2. Now you can download Click2Cloud OpenShift Extension from Visual Studio. You can refer here

3. Click on Click2Cloud in menu select CaaS Explorer and click new connection, Enter the server info follow by            username and password.


4. Once Successfully connected, create new project and application.


5. Now you can select any template (.Net) and application.


6. Once the application is running we can browse it and can see a new application formed.



Video Link:

You can refer the link to view how to enable Click2Cloud PaaS over Alibaba Cloud Service using Click2Cloud OpenShift Visual Studio Plugin. Click here


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