Click2Cloud’s Docker Container & Kubernetes based Visual Studio Extension for Red Hat OpenShift

Click2Cloud OpenShift 3.X Enterprise Tool for Visual Studio 2015

Click2Cloud Inc. is ready with Docker Container & Kubernetes based Visual Studio Dev/Ops plugin and has released the beta version of it. 

Our Visual Studio Extension allows developers to Build, Manage and Deploy containerized .Net and lot more other applications straight from IDE to OpenShift 3.0 cloud platform on a cloud of your choice. Bring on the benefits of Docker and Kubernetes offered by OpenShift. The power of "AND" eliminates the question to choose Microsoft "OR" Red Hat. Our DevOps solution gives you the choice of a truly heterogeneous environment where Red Hat and Microsoft applications work harmoniously in Redhat OpenShift 3.0 and Redhat Openshift 2.0.

  • Plugin supports various clouds with Docker Container or Kubernetes based support.
  • RHEL JavaScript/Python and .net developer community can use VS IDE to deploy solutions to Docker Container & Kubernetes based OpenShift
  • Make extremely easy to run the Docker Container & Kubernetes based containerized micro-services on Linux (RHEL)
  • The seamless migration of OpenShift2.0 to OpenShift3.0 by compiling in VS IDE is extremely easy for customer to upgrade.
  • One click deployment from VS Studio IDE and TFS repository on OpenShift.
  • Ability for customers to use Azure for running OpenShift workload.
  • Heterogeneous environment with RHEL support
  • Automation/ build can leverage Microsoft MS Build and Test Manager and other feature

Download and Try Click2Cloud's Docker Container & Kubernetes based Visual Studio Extension for Red Hat OpenShift from  or , and provide your feeback or you are facing any problem please contact us at : or call at +1  425-749-7495   OR 1-425-748-9666

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